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Glamping experience in Eastern Township in a tinyhouse

You want to live nature, to feel it all around in a contemporary cabin, with windows in the heart of the forest? LAÖ CABINES is an unusual ecotourism accommodation full comfort, a hotel room surrounded by trees and wild life, opened year long. A walk in the trails, a moment of relaxation in the Ö zone or reading a good book next to a fire, all of that is here, only for you, your couple, your family! Come take advantage of a nature glamping experience that will get you out of the ordinary!

If you want a tiny house, Laö Cabines are the place!

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Our cabins for rent in Eastern Township

Relax comfortably in a contemporary cabin, open to the surrounding nature, perched on stilts. Surprise yourself to breathe deeply, to observe the woodpecker in a comfortable mini chalet. Being there to love the one or those who accompany you in our little tree houses, simple, minimalist and complete!

9 mini chalets disponibles

Choose now the cabin that suits you best among the 9 available on our ecotourism area, at Lac à Paul, in the forest or on the cliff?




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Nos Cabines

Small chalet for 2 access spa area in nature

What could be better for a romantic getaway than a mini-chalet surrounded by nature with access to a spa area? Laö Cabines now offers couples the opportunity to enjoy a calm and relaxing retreat in the Eastern Townships!

Since spring 2021, a new cabin model, the LÜVs are available for rent. Perfect for a rustic experience, the LÜV mini cabins are in the heart of the forest, but with all the necessary comforts, including an indoor composting toilet. Enveloped by the forest, our three mini chalets for two people allow an unforgettable stay in nature. Surrounded by maple trees, they offer a comforting view and a cozy environment thanks to propane heating and a hanging chair. Come and live a comfortable glamping experience in a treehouse with a contemporary design.
Outdoor fireplace, rustic-chic glass-encased cabin, miles of walking trails, a navigable pond, a spa area with outdoor hot tub, and a nearby ski mountain: Laö Cabines' 66 acres are packed with activities for everyone, summer and winter alike. Renting modern micro chalets is an excellent way to treat yourself to an unusual vacation and to create beautiful memories.
Treat yourself to some privacy to recharge your batteries! Thanks to their small size and their simple accommodations, some of our mini-chalets are located above a cliff for a breathtaking view of the mountains, others are in the heart of the forest and others near the lake. savage! You only have to look through the large bay windows to immerse yourself in the diverse nature of the Eastern Townships.
Built with natural and sustainable materials, powered by solar panels, our cabins are equipped with all the necessary amenities for your comfort: a compost toilet, a propane cooking stove, minimal kitchen equipment, two USB outlets, a cozy bed, and more. Our perched refuges are made to integrate into their environment without disturbing the fauna and flora that surrounds it to offer an unforgettable glamping stay. Even the cleaning is done with Quebec ecological cleaning products purchased in bulk!
Enjoy an unforgettable stay without having to spend thousands of dollars! Located in a wooded area, the original micro chalets of Laö Cabines offer a multitude of outdoor activities for all seasons at an affordable price: take advantage of the wood stove or our Jacuzzis even during the low season! A break to treat yourself to relaxation and the outdoors in the same place.

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Nos Cabines
A small structure similar to a house with a small ecological footprint, the mini-chalet is a concept that has captured the hearts of Quebecers and Canadians. This little house appeals to people looking for a way to escape the ordinary and the big world!

Mini chalets are part of a popular movement in Quebec, with the appearance of tiny houses, and for good reasons! People like to camp in a trailer to be together in a small space, to cook simply, to live outside more: mini chalets offer you the same possibility with a little more comfort and all year round.
What is the difference between a mini-chalet and a chalet?
1. They are closer to a cabin than a house
Mini-cottages are much smaller and more refined spaces than a regular chalet! Some cabins are more like homes, with a large TV, Wi-Fi, electricity, a full bathroom, and easy access by car. A cabin like that of Laö Cabines allows you to completely switch off and discover the benefits of a minimalist life.
A stay in nature without electricity and running water is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with the essentials and immerse yourself in a simple and relaxing life. Take out your books and board games and spend quality time with yourself or those you love in your mini chalet! A glamping stay at LAÖ Cabines allows us to become aware of our needs, to see that the essential is not material and to enjoy the present moment.

2. Their architecture is very diverse
Mini-cottages are made to blend into their surroundings. At Laö Cabines, we have created chalets that are an integral part of our wooded estate. You can find refuge in micro chalets: on stilts, on the mountainside, it is often enough to fall in love with one glance!
There are also other models, such as micro bubble chalets or with a dome to create a bright chalet. Others look like a Scandinavian chalet, like ours! Laö Cabines has chosen to offer wooden chalets in unique locations, such as chalets perched in trees, near a lake, on a cliff, but also camping pitches so that everyone can find something for themselves. Scandinavian-inspired, LAÖ Cabines offer unique models that emphasize the connection with the nature that surrounds us.

3. They can be built in the heart of nature
The advantage of small cabins is that they can be built in hard-to-reach or remote locations. A cozy cabin in a quiet forest, near a stream or on a rocky cape is now possible! And all while keeping the forest all around, without excessive cutting of trees.

As a family or as a couple, being in a mini-chalet develops a unique closeness! We're all in a room together and we play board games more, take more time to chat and cook together.
LAÖ Cabines accepts that its visitors bring their pet, whether a dog or a cat, only when renting the mini-cabin Le Blök a du Piquant. However, to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay in nature, we ask that the number of pets be limited to 1!

The campsites offered also allow you to be accompanied by a dog! Come and enjoy nature with your little companion at LAÖ Cabines.
Cabin rental for one night is possible depending on the availability of our different cabins. If you have free time between two reservations, LAÖ Cabines would be happy to welcome you. We also offer the possibility of renting for one night only on Sundays and Thursdays and sometime during the week. However, please note that one-night rentals are not possible on weekends and certain holidays.
There are many advantages to renting a mini chalet in Estrie, including:

- Closeness to nature: LAÖ Cabines' mini chalets are located in remote locations, surrounded by forests, national parks and mountains.
- Privacy: mini chalets are often smaller and less busy than a large chalet (which is a real house), which allows you to enjoy a more private and quiet experience.
- Outdoor activities: enjoy activities directly on site such as hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, the Eastern Townships region offers many outdoor activities, such as swimming, cycling , canoeing, fat biking, SUP and fishing.
- Tranquility: mini wooden chalets are generally located in quiet and peaceful places, far from the noise of the city and crowds. Here the song of birds and frogs, the sound of the stream or the song of the owl accompany you for a rejuvenating stay.
Prices for renting a mini chalet in Estrie vary depending on the season, the size of the chalet, the amenities offered and the location. In general, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 per night for a mini chalet in Estrie. The price varies at Laö Cabines between $95 and $270/night depending on the cabin model, day of the week and season. It is always recommended to check rates with the owner or rental agency before booking.
Yes, it is possible to rent a mini chalet in Estrie for a long period. This can be a great option if you're looking to escape the city for an extended period of time or want to spend more time in nature. It is important to check the prices and availability of the various LAÖ Cabines accommodations before booking for a long stay.
Everyone is different! And it's obvious that not everyone is looking for the same experience when they rent a cabin or go camping. Some want to completely immerse themselves in nature, while others want to experiment while remaining comfortable. The advantage of renting with Laö Cabines is that our options can please everyone!

The first step is to choose where to sleep. You have different choices: in your tent or your camping equipment or even in our different mini chalets, all ready to camp!

You will find a variety of accommodations such as a composting toilet and a rustic shower, dishes, a French press, different numbers of beds and a cooking stove. With wood stoves for a cozy ambiance or a large ceiling window, our eco-friendly cabins can suit everyone. Those who choose tents rather than cabins can enjoy forest healing and outdoor facilities such as an outdoor wood-burning fireplace and a forest composting toilet. A modern toilet block at the entrance to the site allows all visitors to have access to a modern ceramic shower, toilets, drinking water and jacuzzis.

Then decide what environment and viewpoint you are looking for! Our different mini chalets are installed in spaces such as the edge of a cliff with a magnificent view of the mountains, in the heart of the forest enveloped in trees or even near Lake Paul: there is something for everyone!
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