To escape

LAÖ CABINES is on a land of 66 acres crisscrossed by streams, rocky capes and by 4 km of trails. You can walk, bike, fat bike, cross-country ski on these year-round trails. If you prefer snowshoeing, there is a trail around the property that offers short climbs and descents. Our neighbor, the Orford Park expansion project, offers 6 km of linear trails and several km of hiking trails with points of interest to discover… See THE REGION, for all the trails nearby

To relax

Come and relax under the wild apple trees in our ZONE Ö, a spa and a pond await you. By reserving a time slot, you have the exclusivity of this bubbling place. There is a sign-up sheet in the reception area, so please write your name when you arrive. Will you dive into the snow to live a thermal experience?


In the heart of the forest, Paul-Aimé Fontaine, about 50 years ago, built a dam that flooded a part of the forest, the Lake à Paul. Wild, inhabited by beavers, this lake offers the possibility to swim, to relax on a paddle board for the amateurs of this nautical sport or to go on a small ride with a kayak. Two paddle boards and two kayaks are available free of charge for the people of the site, in a notion of sharing.


The SCCNRS (Société de conservation du corridor naturel de la rivière au Saumon) has classified the neighbouring land as a Nature Reserve since the fauna and flora of the area are exceptional. You have the chance to enjoy it here, to observe all kinds of interesting animal species. Arm yourself with your cameras, your patience and silence, you may capture the pileated woodpecker or the barred owl on your film or why not a moose?


Each cabin has its own outdoor fire pit where you can spend quality time with those you love.


Bring your sleds, the trails are full of slopes to brighten your stay! Anyway, always have a saucer or a crazy carpet on hand, we have some at the reception, many small hills in the trails become an opportune moment for a bit of sliding.


We are pleased to welcome you to Laö Cabines. Call or text us when you arrive and we’ll meet you here at the front desk to give you a map of the site, a garden cart or sled if you’re walking to your cabin and your code for the door. Arrival only from 3pm, departure by 11am from the cabin and you can enjoy the site before leaving. A full bathroom is available to all in the reception building as well. Just behind the same building, the Ö area is hidden between the wild apple trees.


As it is good to breathe the fresh air in nature, there are no cars in the forest. Park yours here and go on an adventure on foot, with one of our garden carts or sleds. Our trails are muddy when it rains, so bring appropriate footwear. A shuttle service is available, for you and your belongings, at a cost of 10$, round trip. Ask for it in the options when making your reservation. For maintenance, cleaning and shuttle service for you and your luggage, our side-by-side circulates in the trails, it is the only engine allowed. Live the nature.