Camping in Estrie with LAÖ Cabines
The ideal choice for your next camping trip in Estrie

Interested in camping in the Estrie region?

More and more people are rediscovering an interest in camping thanks to new and interesting alternative ways of camping such as campervans, RVs, converted busses, tents, etc. Are you a fan of nature camping and looking for a destination for your next vacation? Well, LAÖ Cabines has everything to offer for traveling campers in Quebec.

Discover the camping time slots available at LAÖ Cabines

Availability calendar

Camping Site West A
Camping Site West C
Camping Site West E
Camping site West B
Camping site tente 1-2
Camping site 3
Camping site tente 5
VR 2
VR 1
Camping vanlife, small RVs and tents: W-C site
38 $/night
Camping vanlife, small RVs and tents: W-E site
38 $/night
Camping Vanlife and VR #2
from $42/night
Tent camping site 5
35 $/night
Tent camping site 2
38$ / night
Tent camping site 3
35 $ / night
Camping Vanlife and VR #1
From $42/night
Camping vanlife, small RV and tent: site W-A
Camping Vanlife, small VR and tent: Site W-B
38 $ / night

Why go camping in Estrie?

Nos Cabines
Estrie is part of one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec. It is in fact an essential region especially for camping.

LAÖ Cabines cherishes its small village, Racine, for its picturesque, community side, its outdoor and tourist activities and its quality of gourmet offers and local products. The land itself of LAÖ Cabines allows a diversified stay, the immediate region is to be discovered and the Eastern Townships no longer has to prove itself.

LAÖ Cabines is located about 30 minutes from Orford, Sherbrooke, Magog, Granby, Drummondville and Bromont, and 1:30 from Montreal. The tourist activities offered throughout the territory will please all our visitors. Family camping, isolated camping and peaceful camping: our camping spaces will satisfy the needs of those looking for a camping destination that really allows them to get away from it all.

Why choose LAÖ Cabines for your next camping vacation in Estrie?

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At LAÖ Cabines, our priorities are to showcase the beauty of the region while providing an environmentally friendly experience. Our goal is to offer memorable vacations based on a minimalist, ecotourism experience that promotes local and eco-responsible purchasing. Open all year round, LAÖ Cabines is ready to welcome you for an experience of “overlanding” and discovery.

Choose tranquility and immersion in nature with LAÖ Cabins

A whole host of nearby activities are available to you during your stay: no matter what type of vacation you wish to have, you will definitely find something to please you. Here is an overview of the possibilities available to you with LAÖ Cabines

Spa area with semi-private Jacuzzis on site;
Several spa destinations in the area;
Several kilometers of hiking for mountain hikers;
Mountain bike trails;
Cycle paths;
Visit nearby villages, Racine, Ulverton, Orford;
Several golf clubs nearby, such as Golf de Valcourt;
Vineyards and microbrewery;
Cheese factories;
Trees in trees;

Is this your first camping experience? Estrie is surely the best place to start. You will definitely fall in love with the beauty of the region and especially of our pitches. Wooded lot, mountain, several acres of land, in short, everything to make this beautiful region your new favorite.

What options are available to you with LAÖ Cabines?

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Contact LAÖ Cabines if you have more questions about our camper pitches or to find out more about our range of services.

What are the benefits of camping?

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Camping is one of the most cost-effective outdoor vacation planning options. In addition, after having a good campfire and eating a few sausages on the fire or even s'mores, you are closer to nature from the moment you wake up and until you fall asleep under the stars and the song barred owls. Who wouldn't want to camp when it offers the opportunity to immerse yourself deep in the forest with easy access and more time to explore. More and more people today are interested in camping in all its forms, from traditional tent camping to glamping and more.

It's likely that by camping you stay active and explore new areas. The great outdoors and connection with nature also have tangible health benefits! Taking a forest bath at LAÖ offers several benefits:

The prevention of illnesses and health problems as well as the improvement of your attitude and your stamina.
Calm and peace.
Unplug so you can appreciate the simplicity of nature.
More physical activity
Less stress
Better relationships
Better cognition
Better sleep
An increase in vitamin D.

The little extras that can be useful

Each of our sites has a wood bin filled upon your arrival, with hardwood, kindling, paper and fire starter ($12 tx included). You pay when leaving according to your usage. For security reasons, only wood sold on site is accepted.

We have ice cream for sale on site ($3.75/bag)

You are looking for ideas for stays, and a camping trip in Estrie is probably the refreshing getaway for you. Contact us for more information on our choice of stays.

Not sure if camping is an experience for you?

No problem! Take a look at our different types of accommodations, in particular our minimalist cabins which offer a slightly more luxurious type of experience in the forest for people who are not ready for a camping experience in Estrie.

See our other accommodations for more information.