About us


Passionate about travel, adventure and the outdoors, the idea of immersing themselves in the fabulous world of tourism has been on Vincent Tognon and Marie Courtemanche’s mind since they acquired their land in 2008, in Racine, an idea that Marie had already been toying with during her many trips.  What could be more extraordinary than working with tourists to offer the most memorable experiences! The construction of a house, the arrival of children, the project is becoming more and more defined, the pictures of interesting cottages and glamping around the world are accumulating in our files and on our phone wallpaper. We are on the lookout for what is available in that area, we take note of everything that we love. And then the ideal place presents itself, close to the future extension of the Orford Park, the Eastern Townships trails, the Larouche cliff, the Brais lake, all of this adjacent to the fabulous site with impressive fauna and flora, a breathtaking view, the presence of striking rocky capes. The adventure begins!


The promoters of LAÖ CABINS, Vincent and Marie, have the environment at heart by offering luxury cabins, but minimalist, thus reducing the ecological impact on the ground. They have been designed by UBU DESIGN to be as small as possible and on stilts with this in mind. Also, each lot is cleared only to place the cabin in order to preserve the beautiful nature. The need for amenities is met, without excess. LAÖ CABINES always orientates its actions by applying these rules so important for the future generations and for the visual of this magnificent forest. The construction of the cabins with sustainable materials, the choice of ecological and biological maintenance products, the development of the premises, the construction of paths are always done in connection with this very important value for the promoters.


Since the land is surrounded by a nature reserve (Brais lake) and a provincial park (Mont Orford), the various work that is done always takes into account the impact on the environment. Each watercourse and wetland has been identified and will be protected in order to preserve the natural diversity of plants and animal species. In addition, this important and formidable resource is highlighted so that customers can take full advantage of it and reduce their impact as well.


Buying local is one of our values that capitalizes on the many resources available in the region and therefore reduces greenhouse gases. So many offers of quality products in Racine and around, let’s take advantage of it. We sell local products at the reception. Containers for garbage, recycling and compost are offered at each cabin to encourage the customers to make ecological and responsible gestures. Will you be able to use them all?