Best Summer Activities In Quebec

Ahhh, summertime. That glorious season of basking in the sun and taking part in activities that fill our days with fun. If you are looking for an exciting new place to experience all the joys of summer, look no further than Quebec. This Canadian province has exceptional summer activities that everyone should experience at least once. From exploring stunning natural landscapes to attending unique cultural events, there’s something for everyone here. In this article, we share the best summer activities Quebec has to offer.

What Are The Best Summer Activities To Do In Quebec?

Hiking At Mont Orford

Located near Magog, Mount Orford offers excellent views and multiple recreational opportunities that will make your stay memorable. Whether you’re looking for a hike or just want to relax and take in the scenery, this mountain has something for everyone. The park features several lakes, picnic areas and camping sites so that visitors can truly enjoy its natural beauty.

Visit The Chateau Frontenac

The historic Chateau Frontenac sits atop a cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Inside the castle, there are many things to do like viewing art displays or grabbing a bite at one of their many restaurants with breathtaking views. From the unique architecture to the breathtaking views, adventure awaits everyone who dares to venture inside this majestic monument.

Explore The Plains Of Abraham

The Plains of Abraham in Quebec City offer visitors the opportunity to discover French-Canadian culture, take in breathtaking views, and immerse themselves in nature. They are located just outside of Old Quebec. The plains are home to important monuments like La Citadelle de Québec, Chemin Royal, and Dufferin Terrace along with its beautiful fortifications. When visiting the Plains of Abraham, you can:
  • Visit the museum or watch a show at Les Plaines d’Abraham Site Historique National;
  • Enjoy the hiking and cycling trails around the area;
  • Learn about Canadian history by strolling through la Citadelle de Québec;
  • Tour the Fortifications of Quebec for a unique look into this city’s past.

Visiting Place Royale

Place Royale is a popular destination located in Quebec City. It’s the original settlement of French explorer Samuel de Champlain and has been declared a national historic site. The area around Place Royale is filled with historic buildings, many of which date back to the 17th century when Samuel de Champlain first arrived in North America. Visitors can explore these buildings and learn more about them at the visitor center. Furthermore, Place Royale offers educational activities for children such as Petit Champlain, which introduces them to Francophone culture. This place will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Quebec’s cultural heritage. From exploring Saint Anne’s church or admiring centuries-old timber-framing structures, there are plenty of unique experiences awaiting visitors here. Visiting Place Royale allows tourists to appreciate how far Canada has come since its beginning hundreds of years ago. With many interactive exhibits and artifacts on display, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about our history while having fun!

Take In The Natural Beauty Of Parc National De La Jacques-Cartier

The Parc National de La Jacques-Cartier is located near the Montmorency Falls Park. It has a variety of green spaces perfect for outdoor activities. With its lush forests and diverse wildlife, this area is an amazing place to explore during the warm months. Visitors can participate in a private tour or choose one of the city tours that depart from Place Royale only minutes away from downtown.

Swim In The Jacques Cartier River

Located in North America, the Jacques Cartier river offers visitors spectacular views. With distant glimpses of the walled city, swimming in the Jacques Cartier River promises to be an unforgettable experience. No matter what type of excursion you choose, spending time enjoying the beauty of nature while swimming in the Jacques Cartier River is sure to leave you with wonderful memories.

Participate In The Lavender Festival At Parc De La Gorge De Coaticook

The Lavender Festival at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook is a must-see event for anyone looking to experience one of the best summer activities in Quebec. Located in the Eastern Townships, this park offers breathtaking views of North America’s oldest canyon and lush lavender fields, perfect for taking pictures or simply enjoying nature. Visitors can take Via Rail to Sherbrooke station, then drive up to the festival grounds where they will find various activities such as workshops on how to make essential oils from lavender plants, etc.

Go For A Stroll Through The Quartier Des Spectacles

Strolling through the Quartier des Spectacles is an ideal summer activity. Not only can you enjoy a pleasant walk, but there are also many sites to see and activities to partake in along the way. It’s the perfect place for families or couples looking for fun things to do this summer.There are many great attractions in the area, such as Place des Arts, where you can go to a show at one of Montreal’s grandest theaters. You can also visit La Chapelle Historique du Bon-Pasteur, it’s home to Canada’s oldest chapel. Additionally, there are many parks where you can relax amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. With so many other options, you can easily spend hours exploring the Quartier des Spectacles without ever getting bored. From art galleries and food stands to outdoor concerts and festivals, you’ll be sure to find something interesting!

Relax On The Beaches Of Parc Jean-Drapeau

Parc Jean-Drapeau is simply perfect for relaxing and unwinding during the hot summer months. Here are four reasons why spending time at this park is a great summer getaway:
  • There’s plenty of space on the large sandy banks of this beach so you can easily find a spot among the crowd.
  • Depending on which beach section you choose, you may have access to volleyball courts or playgrounds where kids can run around while adults bask in the sun.
  • Parc Jean-Drapeau hosts various events throughout the year such as music festivals and art exhibits that everyone can enjoy.
  • There are different activities like rowing boats and paddleboarding available.

Shop At Marché Jean-Talon

Located near Little Italy, the Jean Talon Market offers a variety of products from local vendors and farmers. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or unique items like maple syrup, honey, and more, this place has it all. What makes the market even more attractive is its vast selection of cultural food offerings. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of distinct flavors to try out. From Greek pastries to Québécois dishes, the possibilities are endless. With friendly staff, a vibrant atmosphere and great deals on quality goods, it’s no wonder why so many people visit the market during the summer months!

Attend The International Festival Of Jazz In Montreal

Attending the International Festival of Jazz is a great way to enjoy world-class music while exploring Montreal. The festival takes place over 10 days and features performances by local and international jazz artists. Visitors can explore the various stages, art installations, food vendors, shops, and other attractions that are spread across downtown Montreal. The atmosphere at the International Festival of Jazz is truly unique, it combines an eclectic mix of music styles with incredible architecture and culture. With its lively nightlife scene, variety of venues and fantastic musicianship, the festival will give you an unforgettable experience!

Book A Glamping Experience

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is an ideal way to explore what Quebec has to offer while enjoying luxurious accommodations and amenities. From cozy cabins nestled in woods to luxury yurts surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, there’s something for everyone who loves nature but also wants comfort. Glamping facilities are typically located near popular outdoor attractions like rivers, lakes, forests and mountains, giving visitors easy access to hiking trails, water sports and more. During their stay, guests can enjoy all the comforts of home such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi, while spending time outside grilling with friends or relaxing on the porch at sunset.

Organize A Camping Trip

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