The best camping spots in Canada

Are you planning a camping trip this summer in Canada? Canada is at the top of the list of camping sites across the globe. It is a country of snow-covered highlands, beautiful grasslands, and rugged islands. The country is known for its beaches, glaciers, and rainforest and provides multiple adventurous spots for camping. The ultimate beauty of these spots will make your camping trip memorable. Keep reading to discover the best camping spots in the country!  

Where are the most beautiful places to camp in Canada?

1. Forillon National Park

Forillon National Park in Canada offers three magnificent beauty spots to visitors. The park has a capacity of more than 346 tents. This park has much for visitors to enjoy during their camping trip. It provides wilderness camping enthusiasts with 5 backcountry sides. The beauty of the park makes your camping worthy. Two out of five country sides offer lean-to shelter. It is a superb camping destination if you are on the road to Eastern Canada. Forillon National Park offers natural sightings with its beautiful mountains. You will also find many species of wildlife there. The park is surrounded by water which is home to many underwater species.

2. Algonquin Provincial Park

If you want to spend time with nature, head towards the Algonquin Provincial Park to spend some beautiful nights under the stars. It is the most popular park in Ontario, with plenty of space to accommodate campers. Most of the campgrounds are located along the Highway 60 corridor, which is about three hours from Toronto. There are also many restaurants and stores in the park which facilitate your camping trip. There are many categories of camping grounds according to your preferences. Discover Laö Cabines’ magical location

3. Thomas Raddall Provincial Park

The Thomas Raddall Provincial Park is located 180 kilometers from Halifax. This park has more than 6.5 kilometers of the wildland playground. It also provides fun activities like biking and hiking. You can spend some quality time on the isolated beaches with a beautiful beachfront view.

4. Vancouver Island

In the south of the island, there are some famous camping spots, including victoria. Moreover, in the north, Tofino is considered a great camping spot. If you want to explore more in Vancouver Island, move towards the far north for the Cape Scott provincial park. There are some campgrounds on Vancouver Island that are for certain kinds of activities like hiking, surfing, and kiteboarding. It is important to consider the season of the year before planning a camping trip to Vancouver Island. From July to August, it’s best to book in advance if you want to enjoy a popular camping area.

5. Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is considered Canada’s most exciting place for outdoor activities. It has various campgrounds for everyone. Whistlers campground is considered a convenient location for family and friends. It is located close to the Jasper townsite, and it is the largest campground in the national park. There are various attractions in the Jasper National Park like Maligne lake, Columbia icefield, Wildlife View, and Jasper sky tram. Offer a glamping experience as a gift

6. Banff National Park

Camping is only allowed in Banff National Park with a permit that is valid to visit the whole park. This park has two campsites for its visitors. The first one is the backcountry which is not accessible by vehicle. You have to hike on the backcountry campsites. The other one in the front country is accessible by car. You can reach your desired spot with your vehicle and set your tents near your vehicle.

7. Grasslands National Park

This park encompasses an area of 700 square kilometers. It is a beautiful camping spot to observe wildlife. Grasslands receive less crowd than other national parks that are full in their peak season. The major features that define the beauty of Grasslands National Park are its unique landscape and semi-arid weather. It is the only camping spot in Canada where you will find black-tailed dog colonies. The Grasslands National Park is for campers who are not shade lovers. The unique location and the lack of urban development have made it a top camping destination to view wildlife.

8. Pacific Rim National Park

Do you enjoy summer strolls on the sandy beach? The Pacific Rim National Park provides a West Coast adventure experience steeped in history and natural beauty. The park is divided into three sections, including a long beach, broken island groups, and narrow strips.

9. Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island National Park gives many choices to visitors who want to camp. In this park, the camping season is usually from June to September. In Prince Edward Island National Park, there are certain restrictions to ensure the protection of the species. The visitors who want to camp are not allowed to bring fireworks with them. RV camping and tents are the best ways to enjoy camping in Prince Edward Island.

10. The Rocky Mountains

Canada is blessed with beautiful mountains. In the northwest of Colorado, the Rockies are one of the top destinations for camping in Canada. The Rocky Mountains have a high altitude of up to 14,000 feet. With several waterfalls and five glaciers, it is among the most beautiful camping spots in Canada. The advantage of visiting this park in autumn is that you don’t need a reservation like in other seasons of the year.

11. Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories offer you 34 parks for your camping trip. These parks have many picnic spots to enjoy. Out of 34 parks, 17 offer recreational spots for camping, while the remaining are for daily use. The Northwest Territories offer a beautiful spot for camping where you can make your trip adventurous. If your camping trip is between July and September, then the northern lights will show you a beautiful sight.  

Organize a camping trip in Canada

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